How to buy?

1 pick = 10$ 

Bonus :
Week = $ 30 

Pay Monthly $ 50

1.The payment system Skrill

My account:

2 . Western Union transfers 

All transactions in the name SCERBAKOV ANTON, 
Ukraine, Kharkov 

After the transfer send to my MAIL

MTCN-CODE, name, amount, sender's country.

3. QIWI  Payments

QIWI pay direct from their purse or in any instant payment terminals
Account number +380931623645

4. Webmoney
Z148844364107 - WMZ 
R641375087320 - WMR 
                      U188019430635 - WMU 

5. VISA/MasterCard please tell me and we send you Invoice on you e-mail !

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