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Shkupi - Metallurg Skopje | VIP Soccer TIPs | Strategy betting

Soccer . FYR of Macedonia . First League
Kick 02/21/2016 16:00:00
Shkupi - Metallurg Skopje
TIP 1 Shkupi @1,8 (Marathonbet)

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Metallurg Skopje full loser team is not no secret that over the past year Metallurg Skopje failed simply all that is possible, a series of 7-8 defeats in a row and as a result the last place of the standings. We are expecting an easy victory at the home stadium of Shkupi as the team scored an optimal game form and is at the peak of its features!

TIP 1 Shkupi @1,8 (Marathonbet)

Good luck !

1:0 ++++++ 

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